Breakups and other difficulties

The breakup of a love affair

The breakup of a relationship is a major source of stress in a person’s life. It brings its share of emotions, worries… and reactions! Of course, this is experienced differently from one person to another and according to the circumstances of the breakup. The important thing here is to remember that there are different stages to go through and above all, that it is possible to go through them! But beyond the difficulties, there are efforts and choices to be made: how would you like it to turn out?

Refusing to break up…

Reacting insistently, nagging, and watching her every move. Speaking ill of her to mutual friends or even children. Isolating yourself, diving into excessive consumption or other forms of dependency, harboring frustrations, resentment, jealousy, etc.

Accepting the facts…

Despite the pain, choose to be proactive. Ask for help, express your emotions and welcome your pain, your vulnerability. Take care of yourself, take time for yourself. Continue to be involved with the children, do social activities, reorganize daily life, etc.

It is recognized that a breakup is a risk factor for the appearance of violent behaviour or escalation towards even more explosive forms. Talking about a rupture at Accord Mauricie is therefore also contributing to the prevention of violence!

Being a victim of violence

Do you feel like you’re walking on eggshells with your partner, that what you do is “never right”…? Or do you feel that you were abused as a child and that it still affects your life? Yes, men can also be victims of conjugal and family violence. It may be taboo, it may be difficult to recognize and name, but it is possible. And the consequences are just as damaging! Let’s talk about it.

Some examples of violent behaviour

Your partner blames you for the difficulties in the relationship;

  • She yells at you, threatens you or belittles you;

  • She challenges your perceptions, makes you doubt yourself;

  • She often blames you and makes excessive demands of you, etc.

… Or you were belittled, neglected, yelled at or even beaten when you were young…

Some examples of impacts on your life
  • You feel guilty or ashamed;

  • You feel devalued, your self-esteem diminishes;

  • You doubt yourself, you feel confused in your thoughts;

  • You don’t allow yourself to express your feelings or do activities you enjoy;

  • You have a lot of anger or other overwhelming emotions, etc.

Does this ring any bells? The first step is to become aware of it, to identify the problem. Then, it is important not be stuck alone with what you are experiencing. You can contact us! At Accord Mauricie, we can listen to you and support you without judgement.

The trials of life

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by a situation? You think that normally you manage to handle difficulties well, but this time it’s too much? Everyday life is full of challenges and sometimes unexpected events that shake up our habits. Whether it’s tension in the couple or the family, a job loss, the birth of a child or the illness of a loved one, there are many examples of sources of stress.

How do you react to this stress? Do you tend to endure and not talk about it too much? Do you feel overwhelmed by difficult emotions? Or do you feel that your aggressiveness has increased lately? At Accord Mauricie, we are able to help you through this difficult stage. We are here to listen to you, accompany you and help you find positive ways to manage your emotions, with respect for yourself and others.