Get involved

Sharing information

Accord Mauricie has materials you can distribute to raise awareness around you or give to a loved one who might benefit from them. In the same way, your presence and your listening skills can make a difference and encourage a person to seek help, whether he or she is a victim or is practicing violent behaviour. Don’t hesitate to call us, we can guide you!

Become a member

Another (excellent!) way to get involved is to become a member of Accord Mauricie. As an autonomous community action organization, the involvement of volunteer members is an integral part of our identity and mission. We need you!

Requirements for membership

Any person, physical or moral, wishing to work for the objectives pursued by Accord Mauricie is eligible. Such a person should make a written request addressed to the secretary of the board of directors and the administrators will accept or refuse the said request. Conditions of admissibility are as follows:

  • Be of age;
  • Share the same goals, objectives and philosophy as the Corporation;
  • Agree to abide by the bylaws of the Corporation;
  • Be admitted by the board of directors;
  • Not be a paid employee of the Corporation;
  • Not be the spouse of a person paid by the Corporation;
  • Meet such other conditions as may be prescribed by the board of directors or bylaws.

Additional information for volunteers

Accord Mauricie is looking for volunteers who wish to get involved in its organization. Volunteering takes place according to the schedule established between the volunteer and management, and according to their availability. These activities will be “on call”: recruited volunteers will be contacted according to needs, on a regular or punctual basis, depending on their availability.

Membership form

Members and volunteers

Individual member:

Any person eighteen (18) years of age or older who is interested in subscribing to the objects of the Corporation and who meets the conditions set out on the reverse side of this document may become a member.

Honorary member:

Any person appointed by the board of directors who has rendered service through work or donations and who meets the conditions mentioned on the reverse side.

Associate member:

Any person, designated by the board of directors of their organization or corporation, to represent a public, parapublic or non-profit corporation and who meets the conditions mentioned in (1).

(1) An associate member shall be represented by a person designated by the associate member by a resolution of the board of directors of the associate member’s organization or corporation, including a power of attorney for that purpose. The associate member must indicate the nature of the activities of the organization he or she represents and the composition of its board of directors.

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Download the printable version of the membership and volunteer application form

Make a donation

Accord Mauricie is a non-profit organization that lives on grants and donations from the public. If you care about the cause and wish to contribute to the maintenance of our services, it is possible to make a donation. We are able to issue tax receipts.