About the organization

The mission

Accord Mauricie’s mission is to offer services to meet the needs of men by deploying various intervention strategies adapted to their individual particularities. More specifically, the organization targets men who adopt attitudes and behaviours of control, domination or violence towards their partner, their children or their loved ones, as well as men in difficulty or in vulnerable situations who present risk factors that could lead them to adopt such behaviours.

The values

In addition to having, at heart, work for an egalitarian society free of violence, Accord Mauricie relies on five central values which guide its actions. In its relations with its employees, volunteers, clients and partners, the organization advocates:

An equal relationship:

We affirm that people’s recognized equality of rights must also be translated by an equality of fact, that is to say, by the concretization of equal treatment between two persons so that each may live with the same reality, experiencing both liberty and dignity.

Accountability and empowerment:

It is the process by which an individual recognizes his actions and assumes the consequences, regardless of circumstances that may explain them. In so doing, the individual commits to improving his condition by becoming aware, reinforcing his potential and undergoing transformation. This value is central to Accord Mauricie’s philosophy of intervention!

Respect and fairness:

It consists of an attitude of consideration towards people and what they may be experiencing, with justice and impartiality. This value is manifested in our speech, attitude and behaviour in all circumstances, and it refuses any stigmatization.


This value translates into “knowing how to act” as may be expected of us, based on the continuous development of practices, research and achievement of the highest quality standards. In addition, civility contributes to maintaining a reputation for expertise.


This can be defined as a close collaborative relationship with individuals and organizations that share a common goal. While each organization maintains its own autonomy and mission, the resulting alliance fosters concerted action and ultimately benefits the users served.

The history


Accord Mauricie founded

On July 20, 1990, Accord Mauricie was created as a result of the concerted efforts of local actors and stakeholders who saw a crying need for help for abusive spouses.


Research project

From 1999 to 2002, Accord Mauricie participated in a research project on the process of conjugal domination, led by La Séjournelle in collaboration with Public Health, the UQTR and women’s shelter resources.


The Tribute Award

In 2003, Robert Ayotte received the “Hommage aux compagnons de route pour leur soutien à la lutte des femmes pour l’égalité” (Tribute to fellow travellers for their support of women’s fight for equality) award from the Conseil du statut de la femme (Council on the Status of Women), presented by Lise Payette.


A collaboration is born

In 2004, a collaboration began between Accord Mauricie and organizations providing help for men in Belgium. This was an occasion for Mr. Robert Ayotte to offer several workshops on the Processus de domination conjugale (PDC) (Conjugal Domination Process – CDP).


The departure of a great friend

In 2010, the sad departure of a great friend of Accord Mauricie occurred. Mr. Jacques Broué, long-time collaborator and clinical supervisor at Accord Mauricie passed away. The organization owes a lot to this man, and the whole team is deeply grateful for his contribution.


The Foundation is dissolved

In 2011, the Fondation Accord Mauricie was dissolved to allow the organization to acquire its current property. Since 1995, the Foundation’s mission has been to raise funds, notably through art auctions.


Collaboration with Caring Dads

In 2017, a new collaboration began with the English-language program, Caring Dads. This led to the birth of a new and much appreciated service that is still active today: the Papas bienveillants (Caring Dads) group.



In 2018, the organization updated its letters patent to reflect new male realities and to act to prevent violence. Thus, the Hommes en difficulté (Men in Difficulty) component was born.


The beginning of a new adventure!

In 2019, after 30 years of service, Mr. Robert Ayotte said farewell to Accord Mauricie. Recognized for his strong commitment to the community, he was involved in many clinical projects. At the same time, Mrs. Claudia Champagne arrived as director. The start of a new adventure!


Virtual meetings

In 2020, while the planet was facing the COVID19 pandemic, Accord Mauricie knew how to adapt and be tenacious. Telepractice took its place among our services, particularly via virtual meetings with the clientele, and new development projects also saw the light of day.


New challenges for society

During 2020-2021, Accord Mauricie launched a strategic planning process in order to take into account new societal issues and be on the lookout for the best practices in this field.